Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Make Your Own Light Box For Night Time Food Shooting

make your own soft box
If you're like me, much of my cooking is done at night, after a long day of work. This can present problems for photographing food. Often times I'll cook something really delicious for dinner but wont post it on my blog because I wasn't able to get a decent shot of it.

Natural lighting is always best, but I've recently been investigating making my own light box to alleviate this problem. A light box is simple really: A box with lamps on the outside of it that are shining through shear fabric so the light is diffused and soft. Professional soft-boxes are a really expensive, but luckily I found this great tutorial on Digital Photography School that shows you how to make one with really inexpensive materials! Check it out!

Oh, and if any of you have suggestions for shooting your culinary creations at night PLEASE let me know in the comments!

Make Your Own Inexpensive Light Box - Digital Photography School

UPDATE: Kate over at Savour Fare linked a version of a table-top lighting setup which looks absolutely fantastic. Check it out and thanks Kate!


  1. I like to have a natural background to my photos, so a light box doesn't work well. I've compensated with a couple of things -- a milk carton over a desktop lamp with a daylight spectrum bulb, and a homemade tabletop light (though the "real" version is still on my wishlist -- the homemade is serviceable but a bit tippy.
    Instructions here:

  2. Almost of my photos are taken at night. I take them in the kitchen on the table under one of those Ikea aluminium lamps that reflects the litght and most of them are reasonable. I discovered it by chance because it only works in a specific part of the table :)
    Regards from Lisbon - Portugal