Monday, March 2, 2009

Targeting Your Recipe Posts For Google Readers

Targeting your posts to specific visitors is a great way to cultivate readers. I've generally found that readers that have found my posts on Over The Hill An On A Roll through Google tend to visit for short amounts of time.

Short Stops

The general thinking is that if these readers are searching for something specific using google, they will generally glance at the post to see if it matches their intended search. If it doesn't, they leave immediately.

Little Narrative

So, I tend to write certain posts with these readers in mind. I craft the title and subtitles to specifically grab the attention of these readers, and secondly, and most importantly, I keep the narrative and story telling about the recipe to a minimum. These readers are looking for recipes, not novels.

I make the recipe and ingredients the highlight of the post, that way when google readers search and find my post they get the sense that my blog is a valuable resource for them, which is crucial for retaining readers!

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