Friday, March 13, 2009

Simple Technique To Increase Google Traffic

balsamic vinaigrette

Images Are The Key

There are many techniques to increase google traffic, but the one that I've found the most effective is also surprisingly the easiest.

Traffic tip in second part of post...

When readers are searching for recipes---say for a delicious BANANA BREAD---often times readers will also search for images of the final result. I rarely make a recipe without first seeing a picture of what the final result is supposed to look like and I think that many google users do the same.

Searching For Images

Google has a function that allows users to search for key words either by searching web sites that contain that word, or searching for images that contain the key word.....this is where these two easy tips come in handy!

When Naming Images, Be Specific!

This is one of the most important specific when naming images. Google reads the titles of your images to determine whether it contains a key word. For instance, I used the image above in my post about HOW TO MAKE BALSAMIC VINAIGRETTE, and I titled the file "balsamic-vinaigrette.jpg". This way, whenever anyone searches for "balsamic vinaigrette", I'm assured that my image will come up during that image search. Be descriptive and separate words with dashes.

Included Keywords Inside Alt-Quotes

In blogger all of your images are converted into code. Toward the bottom of the code there is a line that reads

alt=" "

Inside of the quotes is where you can add descriptive keywords. This will assign keywords to your images and allow google to scan your pictures and therefore rank your posts higher!

These two simple techniques have made HUGE differences in my google traffic. You must try it!


  1. Thanks! I'm specific about the alt tag, but not the filename. I'll make sure to be careful in the future.

    Does the same go for the title tag? Are they interchangeable? What's the difference?

  2. Steph,

    Title tags are the same. Thanks for looking!

  3. Thanks for the "alt" tag tip, but what is the equivalent in wordpress?

  4. great tip about alt tag. could you give an example of how the syntax would look for a string of items?
    like this?
    alt="balsamic, viniagrette, balsamic viniagrette"


  5. theuffda, not sure about worpress equivalent but will do a bit of research to find out.

    Maybelles, that works but I stick to adding just a description of the can be finicky about keyword stuffing.

  6. The Alt tag tip is brilliant, never heard of it, I will definitely try this! Thanks a lot again.