Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Add Unexpected Elegance With A Flower Garnish

Add elegance to your food photos with flowers

A Twist On A Traditional Garnish

Thinking outside of the box when it comes to garnishes is a sure fire way to add unexpected elegance to your food photos. Most of us think about edible food when we reach for a garnish, but there is a whole other non-edible garnish world out there!

Flowers Make Perfect Garnishes

Flowers make perfect garnishes because they are unexpected and because they add a splash of much needed color. There are multiple ways you can use a flower as a garnish.

The two methods that I use most often are using a single flower with a stem, or scattering small flowers and pedals across the entire plate. Each method will give you a different result but both will add elegance.

Don't Stop With Just Flowers!

Why not use leaves, stems, or whole bunches of herbs? Using herbs as a whole stem (as opposed to chopped and scattered which is the usual way they are used) can also be an unexpected garnish.

Whatever you do, don't skip the garnish! Garnishes add visual interest and can make an otherwise boring photograph spectacular! Do you use unexpected garnishes? Leave a comment and let us all in on your secret!


  1. If you are picking them from your garden to garnish your dishes, make sure they are clear of insects. I once decided to garnish a chocolate mousse with a rose. The little green aphids that appeared were not quite the colour contrast I had intended!

  2. I've always wanted to use garnishes for my dishes, but that usually means driving out to the store and picking something up. But I'm always happy when spring rolls around and stuff around here starts growing on its own. Until then I suppose I'll just have to wait!

  3. WOW, Danny you have inspired me. Just paces from my kitchen (and natural light window) are my hedge of fresh rosemary, a lemon tree and a lime tree. Citrus flowers are so pretty and it never occured to me to use them to garnish. Well done!