Sunday, January 3, 2010

Single Most Important Piece of Equipment!

Essential Piece of Equipment

Now that the Holidays are over I'm hoping many of you have some leftover Christmas Gift cash because I'm about to make a rare equipment recommendation:

The single most important piece of equipment necessary for improving your food photography is a tripod.

That's right, a tripod.  I'm always amazed to learn that most people don't shoot with one.  You see, a tripod opens up countless number of possibilities for shooting because it allows you to shoot with a slow shutter, therefore eliminating all camera shake.

If this all sounds terribly technical I'm afraid to say it is. Thankfully I found this fantastic post that is chock-full of information in which all of the technical mumbo-jumbo is simplified.  This post is a gem, so spend some time with it and go out and get a tripod!

Eliminate Camera Shake By Using  A Tripod -


  1. Absolutely agree. And not only "a tripod", I would say a "sturdy tripod"....

  2. I found these two posts immensely helpful in my research on the perfect tripod:

  3. good luck carrying that into Spago. There are people who "fabricate" their food to look good on screen, and there are people who also love to eat out.