Monday, June 8, 2009

Professional Food Styling Secret Revealed - Stacks

Here is another very easy professional food styling secret. Like the folded napkin tip from last week, this one is extremely popular in many of the current food magazines and cookbooks.

This tip adds visual interest without cluttering your image and will instantly add an air of professionalism to your photos.

Food styling secret in second part of post..

Stack Your Plates!

That's right. Just stack your bowls or plates to add a bit of visual interest. In the first picture of the cherries all I did was stack two bowls and slightly tilted the bowl on the top. The two bowls added contrast and gave visual interest to an otherwise simple photograph.

The second photo uses the same technique only for a very different result. In the photo of the egg on toast, one smaller plate is stacked on top of a larger plate of the same shape. Shot from above, this setup emphasizes the food and the stacked plates really fall into the background.

Have any of you tried this technique (if you can really call this a technique!)? Leave a comment and share your tips and thoughts!

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  1. Cool idea and great photo of the cherries!

  2. Especially when it comes to using colorful plates, I like to stack smaller ones atop larger ones (as if the larger one were a charger).

    Adds a bit of visual drama!

  3. ooh, I wish I would have known this: I just photographed some cherries last night and used just one bowl ;)

  4. I love to have achieved this blog

  5. Your beautiful photography embodies perfectly the delicious simplicity of farm-to-table foods. Congrats on a wonderful blog and a wonderful portfolio. I will be a frequent visitor!


    Chef Deb at Culinary Caravan, Ontario, Canada

  6. Thanks for the supportive comments everyone! I hope these posts are of benefit to you!