Friday, May 29, 2009

Poll: Terrible Recipe, What To Do?!

I recently received this question regarding proper comment etiquette:

How would you handle it if you made a recipe on someone's food blog and it didn't turn out well at all? Would you note it in a comment like "I love this recipe, unfortunately it never came together for me like in your picture. Thanks for the inspiration, though!" Or is a "negative" post like that bad? Could it lead to "hurting your (own) brand"?

That is an excellent question because on the one hand, if a recipe I published is incorrect or not working properly I'd like to know, but then again leaving a 'negative' comment can sometimes make you seem mean or spiteful.

How would you handle the situation?


  1. Everyone has different preferences. If I blogged a recipe, I generally liked it (unless stated specifically otherwise). But that doesn't mean that every other person will like it -- and that's okay! I'd do nothing. Just move on.

  2. I would still comment and say this sounds like an awesome recipe sadly we didn't like it, but thanks for sharing. Not everyone has the same tastes and I understand that, it doesn't hurt my feelings if I get negative comments. BUT if you got a recipe but changed half of the things and didn't like it then I wouldn't leave a comment because technically you didn't make the recipe.

  3. I would treat it like you would going out to a restaurant. If you wouldn't publicly humiliate the chef, don't do it in your comment. Personally, if quality is consistently bad or if the style is just something I don't enjoy, I just know not to go to that place anymore....

    Now, if there is a typo or an obvious recipe mistake, contacting through email would be preferrable for me as the reader ( and it's what I would hope for if I made a recipe error as the author- which I have and thankfully someone didn't rake me over the coals for it.)

  4. Ditto Branny. If something is in a blog, I assume it turned out well for the author and they liked it, unless the post is specifically about a flop. So if I try it and don't like it, I chalk it up to a difference in personal preference and keep my opinion to myself unless asked.

  5. Very good points Amanda and RLBerry.

  6. I like it when other people state if they liked or disliked a recipe because it helps me know if I should make it or not. It is just like providing a rating on youtube or anything else. I need to know if the recipe is worth my time and money.