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Everything You Wanted To Know About The Daring Kitchen

Have you noticed how the Daring Kitchen has completely infiltrated the food blogging community lately? They are everywhere. Once a month I'm tickled at the delicious creations that I stumble on and I'm inspired to bake, bake, bake.

Who exactly are the Daring Kitchen and what do they do?

The Daring Kitchen are a group of food bloggers who hold a monthly blogging event. It's comprised of the Daring Bakers and the Daring Cooks. One blogger chooses a recipe and all of the Daring Chefs bake or cook it and post it on the same day. It was started by Ivonne of Cream Puffs In Venice and Lisa of La Mia Cucina

I was lucky enough to interview the two of them recently. If you're new to food blogging or to baking, joining the daring bakers might be perfect for you. Check out the interview to learn more about them.

The Daring Kitchen Interview in second part of post...

Tell me about the Daring Kitchen. How would you describe what the Daring Kitchen is?


The Daring Bakers is a baking group that Lis and I started in November 2006. Essentially it’s a group of bakers (comprising both bloggers and non-bloggers) from around the world that virtually bake together each month. We have one challenge per month that we all present on the same day.


Well The Daring Kitchen is really what it’s all about. The Daring Bakers is an online baking group that’s just part of The Kitchen. We also have the Daring Cooks – both groups work the same way.. We are all given one recipe each month and we have to bake/cook (depending on which group) the recipe exactly as it’s written. The only exceptions are for those with special health or lifestyle needs (gluten-free, lactose intolerant, allergy bakers, etc. and vegan, vegetarian, raw lifestyles, etc.), religious beliefs (an ingredient is forbidden to be used due to religious beliefs), if an ingredient is too costly or too hard to find and if the hostess(s) of the month allows other modifications. But you can’t change the recipe simply because you don’t like it.

With that said, the groups are mainly about supporting each other and learning from each other. Our members are, seriously, the cream of the crop – their support of each other is truly amazing. :)

What is the goal of the Daring Kitchen? What service do you think it provides to the food blogging community?


The Daring Bakers, and now The Daring Cooks as well, is all about challenging yourself to become a better baker and cook by trying things you wouldn’t normally try on a day-to-day basis in your kitchen. I think both groups help bloggers and non-bloggers to face their kitchen fears and return to baking and cooking.


The goal of The Daring Kitchen is to help those men and women who think they can’t bake/cook, bake and cook better. It’s for those more experienced or even professional bakers and/or cooks, to hone their skills, think outside of their normal “safety zone” and challenge themselves to take what might be an easy recipe and turn it into something much more difficult for them. Our goal is basically to make every level of home / pro baker/cook learn more about the crafts from each other and their experiences.

Why do you think the Daring Kitchen has become so successful? It's everywhere right now, and I'm wondering what the success is attributable to?


I think the Daring Bakers (and hopefully soon the Daring Cooks) has become so successful because of the quality of challenges and the quality of the results of our members. It’s incredible fun to read about people trying something for the first time. There’s a sense of camaraderie that you share with all these people. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn and to be part of a community. Our success is entirely thanks to our wonderful members. We’re also very open to people’s needs. We have embraced alternative baking and cooking and offer our members a lot of options so that they don’t feel limited nor are they afraid to try challenges.


Simply put – our members. I think many join thinking that it’s just another fun monthly food event.. but then they realize very quickly that it’s nothing like they originally thought. I mean, think about it – 1 recipe baked and 1 recipe cooked by over 1000 members each month, and we’re talking members from all over the world. The things you can learn by reading the forums and asking questions is AMAZING. And I think that it’s also very supportive of our more experienced bakers and/or cooks – as their knowledge helps so many.. that’s got to be a great feeling. :)

What type of blogger would benefit from joining the Daring Kitchen?


I think any type of blogger could benefit from joining the Daring Bakers or Daring Cooks. Our members span every level of blogging and every level of baking and cooking experience. It’s fun for everyone!


Well, obviously, any blogger who has an interest in learning how to bake or cook better. :) We have members who don’t necessarily write food blogs.. we have many members who write about other subjects, but really want to learn to bake/cook better.. so they join in on the fun. :)

What would you consider the benefits of joining?


First and foremost the benefit is that you get to meet a lot of great people. It’s wonderful exposure for you blog and more than anything, it’s an amazing opportunity to learn and try some new recipes.


The feeling of community is so nice in this group. It truly is the support that’s given and received. So many members join up and start off by saying they don’t know how to bake or cook and doubt they’ll do good.. next thing you know we’re seeing amazing creations coming from their kitchens – they had no idea they could do it! That’s one of the lovely things that makes me so happy these groups have formed. :)

The two of you have recently expanded into cooking. Any other plans for expansion?


You mean besides taking over the world? I think for the time being Lis and I are very happy with the Daring Bakers and we’re now focused on growing the Daring Cooks. But who knows what the future holds!


Well you never know.. The Daring Grillers? The Daring Sugar Artists? The Daring Landscapers?? Hehee the possibilities are endless.. but for right now, I can safely say for both Ivonne and myself, we’re just tickled to have the Bakers and the Cooks. We are VERY EXCITED to be announcing the very first Daring Cooks challenge recipe this week.. look for everyone’s results on May 14th. :D

Thanks Ivonne and Lisa! If you're interested in joining follow the link below!

The Daring Kitchen - Registration Form

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