Sunday, March 15, 2009

3 Must-Use Garnishes

Garnishes Are Your Friends!

Using garnishes in the styling of your food is a small detail that makes a HUGE difference! Garnishes help to complete the look of the photograph and they also add an air of sophistication and professionalism. In my photographs, I almost always use a variation on these three garnishes.

3 Must-Use Garnishes in second part of post...

Garnish #1 - Herbs

Herbs are the easiest and most obvious garnish. I often use mint, parsley, or cilantro to complete the design of the dish. You can take individual sprigs and carefully place them on the dish like in the pea soup above, or you can chop them up and sprinkle them all over the dish. A dash of green can make or break a dish!

Garnish #2 - Powders

Powdered Sugar, Cocoa, or Salt can all be classified as a powdered garnish. For desserts, a sprinkle of powdered sugar (especially if it's chocolate!) makes an elegant garnish.

Garnish #3 - Sauces

Sauces can be used as a garnish by splattering, pouring, or dripping them on the plates and food. This type of garnish makes for an especially elegant presentation.

What are your favorite types of garnishes? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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